Back during Toy Fair 2019, Hasbro had a few interesting Marvel 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends action figures on display at their booth. We didn’t have any information as to a release date, but now official images of those figures have started to hit the Internet.

Below you will find official images of:

  • Marvel Comics – Captain America
  • Marvel Comics – Iron Man
  • Marvel Comics – Thor
  • Thor Ragnarok – The Grandmaster and Korg
  • Marvel Comics – Wolverine vs The Hulk

Remember these are not the only 80th Anniversary figures that will be released. Earlier this morning we shared with you news of an upcoming Wolverine figure as well. Check out the awesome images below!

About Hasbro:

Collectors and fans of every kind appreciate the eye for quality that can be found in Hasbro toys and collectibles. That’s why we at Entertainment Earth are proud of the selection of Hasbro products that we bring you every day. As one of the premier toy makers of all time, their toy lines have only gotten better over the years. If you’re looking for Star Wars, Transformers, or Marvel, you’ll find a great selection of Hasbro action figures right here. And if action figures aren’t your thing, then don’t worry, because that’s just the beginning of what Hasbro has to offer. This is one company that considers everyone their audience. From the greatest board games to some of the world’s favorite Hasbro dolls, including the Baby Alive line, we’ve assembled a great selection.


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