Sometimes these things happen, but I bet Hasbro isn’t so happy with this leak. Gamestop inadvertently leaked this ad featuring a brand new Marvel 80th Anniversary Marvel Legends Spider-Man figure. This is a variant look to the web head, which gives us a black and green deco.

There are various rumors on the web that this particular figure will go live on various retail sites for pre-order at some point over the next couple of days.

UPDATE – You can now pre-order the Marvel Legends Big-Time Spider-Man figure from Entertainment Earth!

Note: If you purchase this awesome product featured below, we earn a small commission from the retailer. Thank you for your support.

Marvel Legends 80th Anniversary Spider-Man Figure

If this particular variant looks familiar to you, it should. “Big-Time” Spider-Man was part of the “Return of Marvel Legends” line in a 2012 wave of figures. You can usually find him on the secondary market MIB for around $30-50 bucks.

The new figure will no doubt fall in line with other Marvel Legends figures at around $19-25 bucks. We will update you with more information as it is released. Until then, enjoy the image above, and plan to add another excellent addition to your Marvel Legends collection!

About Hasbro:

Collectors and fans of every kind appreciate the eye for quality that can be found in Hasbro toys and collectibles. That’s why we at Entertainment Earth are proud of the selection of Hasbro products that we bring you every day. As one of the premier toy makers of all time, their toy lines have only gotten better over the years. If you’re looking for Star Wars, Transformers, or Marvel, you’ll find a great selection of Hasbro action figures right here. And if action figures aren’t your thing, then don’t worry, because that’s just the beginning of what Hasbro has to offer. This is one company that considers everyone their audience. From the greatest board games to some of the world’s favorite Hasbro dolls, including the Baby Alive line, we’ve assembled a great selection.


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