Sega Toys


Typically these things don’t escape me, but here is some news that just sort of came out of nowhere… Sega Toys is releasing a new Deadpool Premium Statue. Thanks to the fine folks at Timeless Dimension, we now have an image of the upcoming statue to share!

The statue is going to be about 8 inches tall. It has a May 2019 release date, so it is more than likely on store shelves now. You will most likely have to have this one imported, or check your normal vendors that import things of this nature.

Check out the image below for a nice look at the Deadpool statue.

Sega Toys Deadpool Statue

About Sega Toys:

Sega Toys is almost a separate entity to Sega, they produce toys for SEGA’s UFO prize catcher machines which are found all over Japan. These prize toys are usually figurines or plush toys. They also produce other accessories mostly related to Anime, Movies, Disney and Games.

Arguably one of the most popular characters that Sega Toys produce is Hatsune Miku. The ever beautiful vocaloid has a long list of figurines and plush toys under her name.


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