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To be honest, I don’t know much about Union:Creative or any of the products that they produce, but since this is a Marvel collectibles page, I thought I would share. Some new images (courtesy of Dengeki Hobby) from the floor of Wonder Fest 2019 Shanghai have made their way online today.

The new images are, I can only assume from the Union:Creative booth. What we see are Sofbinal versions of Spider-Man and Stealth Venom. As usual with prototypes like these, there is currently no pricing information or a release date. The information tag does have a US dollar sign, but not the Venom. This could possibly be an oversight, but I am not one hundred percent sure on that one.

The Venom is a variant (I am guessing) on the previously solicited Venom Sofbinal statue from Sentinel. So we can assume this will be about 15 inches tall and around the standard $200ish price range. The Spider-Man is most likely in the same scale.

You can check out the two pieces below.

Sofbinal Stealth Venom from Union:Creative
Sofbinal Stealth Venom from Union:Creative
Sofbinal Spider-Man from Union:Creative
Sofbinal Spider-Man from Union:Creative

About Wonder Festival Shanghai 2019:

Wonder Festival 2019 Shanghai will be held at Shanghai New International Expo Center in Shanghai, China from June 8 (Saturday) to 9 (Sunday), 2019. The show fill the halls with art toys/ sofubi/high-end figures/ licensed merchandise, to one of a kind pieces from around the world as Shanghai will be blessed with another chance for collectors to gather for this 2-day event. This year they boast 33,000 square meters event all!

About Sentinel International Co.:

Sentinel International Co., Ltd., is a Hong Kong toys company focusing on high-end toys development and ODM production. With varying levels of success in marketing notions mixing with eminent design and exquisite technique in mechanical engineering thoroughly come alive and storm the conservative toy industry.


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