In my last video, I talked about doing a video showcasing everything that is left, of my childhood G.I. JOE collection. Well that video is now up on the YouTube channel.

Keep in mind that I am just getting back into G.I. JOE (with a few brief, and I mean very brief stints in the late 90’s and a few weeks during the modern era), so I can’t remember the names of all the vehicle or figure parts. Feel free to leave a comment correcting me on my incorrect names of these figures and vehicles.

So that’s it. There isn’t much left of what was once a magnificent collection (or at least in my head it was), but it is still nice to look at these pieces and reminisce about my adventures in the backyard and my bedroom with these toys.

Seeing these pieces, really motivates me to go out and find each of these toys again, and obviously that will be a primary goal for my toy collection going forward.

What G.I. Joes did you once have as a kid, that you wish you had back? Leave your answers below.

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