Complete List of Marvel Legends Infinite Series Action Figures

In 2013 during a San Diego Comic-Con panel, Hasbro announced that the name of their Marvel Legends line would be changing starting in 2014 with the Mandroid series. The name change included different packaging as well as the exit of the “chase” figure, which fans of the series had come to despise.

While the “chase” figure was no longer included, it evolved into the “variant” figure. These included different heads, or different color schemes for certain figures, where appropriate. Each wave would continue to have a build-a-figure part, that when combined would build a larger than normal (in most cases) Marvel Legends action figure.

You will find images of each figure and the build-a-figure for that particular line below. The listing starts with the oldest to the latest releases. WARNING – lots of images are going to load on this page.

Mandroid Series (2014)


Ultimate Green Goblin Series (2014)

Ultimate Green Goblin
Ultimate Green Goblin

Groot Series (2014)

Jubilee Series (2014)


All-Father Series (2015)


Hobgoblin Series (2015)


Thanos Series (2015)


Hulkbuster Series (2015)


Ultron Series (2015)

Rhino Series (2015)

Absorbing Man Series (2016)

Onslaught Series (2016)

Giantman Series (2016)


Space Venom Series (2016)

Abomination Series (2016)

Juggernaut Series (2016)

Dormammu Series (2016)

Sandman Series (2017)

Titus Series (2017)

Warlock Series (2017)

Mantis Series (2017)

Vulture Series (2017)

Vulture Backpack

Man-Thing Series (2017)

Gladiator Hulk Series (2017)

Okoye Series (2018)

Lizard Series (2018)

Thanos Series (2018)

Sasquatch Series (2018)


Cull Obsidian Series (2018)

Apocalypse Series (2018)

SP//DR Series (2018)

Monster Venom Series (2018)

Sauron Series (2018)

M’Baku Series (2019)

Kingpin Series (2019)


Kree Sentry Series (2019)

Kree Sentry

Caliban Series (2019)


Thanos Series (2019)

Thanos (Avengers: Endgame)

Molten Man Series (2019)


Hulk Series (2019)


Wendigo Series (2019)


Retro X-Men Series (2019)

80th Anniversay Series (2019)

***There is no build-a-figure for this wave.

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