Marvel Legends Retro is a toyline created by Hasbro and launched in 2020 as a Marvel branded sister line to the Star Wars Retro toyline, initially beginning as a series of two packs sold exclusively through their Hasbro Pulse, before launching as a full line in 2021. This line takes the look of classic action figures of the late 70’s and early 80’s and applies them to classic Marvel characters. The first wave of wide release figures started as a timed exclusive to Target in-store purchases.

Much like the Star Wars line it is a spin-off of, the Retro series features original sculpts designed to create figures that would have fit into the aesthetics of Kenner’s classic 3.75″ scale toylines, including large art-covered cardbacks featuring Kenner logos, and designed to feature the traditional 5 points of articulation at shoulders, hips and neck. This choice is made in spite of the fact that Kenner was not a classic producer Marvel figures, and 3.75″ was not the traditional scale used for the brand.